Oct 14 2011

Be Better, Do Gooder

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Getting better at what you do is important.  In my opinion, getting better as a whole person is part of maturity and responsibility.  Basically, my thought is that if you aren’t moving forward and getting better at what you do and who you are, then you’re standing still.   That’s a good way to stagnate.  If you get into ruts and bad habits in your work then your personality and who you are will begin to diminish and the next thing you know, you are doing no one any good…especially self.  You’ll begin to implode with self-centeredness.  It ain’t pretty.

There’s a well-known Latin phrase:  Qui cessat esse melior.  Cessat esse bonus.

It means  “He who ceases to be better, ceases to be good.”

In the world of voice acting, we look to the examples of great golfers, musicians, screen actors, race car drivers, basketball players, football players, hockey players, boxers, etc. to see that getting better at what we do includes not only doing voice acting, but practicing it too. When we’re not doing real jobs, we’re practicing. It keeps us strong and makes us better!  Maybe that’s why doctors “practice”  …(long pause)…ahem, okay, maybe not.

I’d suggest you put this to use in your own life.  Don’t stagnate.  Don’t stand still and let life pass you by.  Find an opportunity today to better yourself!


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