Nov 01 2011

Changing: Ahead of the Curve

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I got lucky, I suppose.

I shouldn’t say that I saw it coming, but I certainly could say that.


My former place of employment, just since I’ve left, which was almost 2 years ago has laid off more than half of the people that were there.  Now, we’re only talking about a handful of people, but still…these are my friends.  These are people I’ve known for a long time and we’ve developed relationships.  I care about them and what happens to them.

So change happens.  I talked with one of my friends a few days ago and we agreed, deep change has swept over that company.  We had a good 10 year run there that was just fantastic.  But as the company got larger and larger, thanks to us, and more corporate-centered (which means LESS customer and employee centered, in this case) it became more and more difficult to go there and get the work done and actually BE happy with the contributions we were making.  It had ceased to be a rewarding career and I was pretty much ready to jump ship when the opportunity presented itself.   The “opportunity” was a position termination with a probable hope to be re-hired in a different position.  I’m sure there’s some corporatey-sounding word for that, but it escapes me.

Change was good in this instance.  Sometimes change is bad, but this time, it was good…for me.  You have to look at change as a two sided coin.  It’s good for some, bad for some, meaning that a change that is horrible for you might be just exactly what was needed in the situation for the other party.  What we’d all like to believe is that the company that gets rid of us is evil and change will be bad for them!  Well, sometimes it is.  Sometimes it’s not.  They have the bottom line to answer to and that is usually a company’s motivation.  We just have to realize that and try not to take it personally.  They are trying to grow their business and put together an efficient engine to get the thing where they want it to go.  Some of us are just extra parts and the mechanic doesn’t see the need for us on that particular engine.  Makes sense I guess.

If I actually HAVE a point, it’s this: change is going to happen.  It’s most definitely part of life and we should all expect it.  I won’t suggest that you embrace all change, because sometimes you have to stand up for your cause and fight the changes.  I’m just saying expect it, because it will come, whether you like it or not.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared for changes?   Yeah, that would be great.  It would be great if all change was great for everyone, and now I’m just dreaming!

I guess, by no brilliance of my own, I was a little bit ahead of the curve and I made changes before changes forced me into something I didn’t want.  That’s how I’ve become a full time, working voice actor.  It was time to fully follow the dream and go for the career I’d been anticipating for many, many years.  So it really was good for me.

I’m joking, but I like to say “Change is good, but I like bills much better”.


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