Jan 10 2012

Laying Low

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I feel like I just woke up today.  Yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving with families, I took a nap and next thing I know, it’s all over but the resolutions!  What happened?  I’ll never understand why holiday time goes so quickly.

I’ve done my best to lay low over the holiday season, and I realize I’m different from most business people.  Most are trying to establish contact with clients and prospects through the holiday season (buy our stuff) and wish everyone well (buy alot of our stuff) and send along wishes for the new year (buy ALL of our stuff this year).  I wanted to be just the opposite and NOT be in anyone’s face during the holiday time.  Maybe that’s a mistaken way to look at things, but it’s what I decided to do this year.  My clients heard from me at Thanksgiving and that’s the last they’ve heard.  In straight talk, I was inundated with TONS of marketing messages right around the holidays, and frankly it was a little bothersome.  EVERY newsletter, retail outlet, specialty store, blog or whatever that I come in contact with electronically was blowing out holiday marketing messages and most of them did it twice a week.  I know, it happens every year, but it was especially noticeable this year for some reason.   I decided to refrain.

For anyone who might have found it a real downer to NOT hear from me, you have my apologies.  And I hope I did at least a little bit toward reducing email clutter for the remainder of you.  When it comes to email clutter, I suppose I’ve done it to myself by ordering things online and allowing companies to send their reminders and newsletters, but hey, I have a newsletter myself and it would be hypocritical to not allow anyone’s newsletter into my own inbox.  Most of the time I enjoy them and have no problem whatsoever.  It’s just that it mulitiplies by 3 or 4 during holiday times.  I suppose that’s so everyone can have a chance to get their slice of the holiday shopping pie.

Now I must tell you, I wasn’t sitting at home twiddling my thumbs either.  I’ve been hard at work on the work I do other than a blog and newsletter…namely voiceovers and narrations.  I’ve had three, yes THREE, audiobooks to work on all at the same time.  Two of them had similar due dates and another is due soon in January.  At least I have a little breathing room since the deadline for the first two has passed.  Other voiceover work has trickled in too, so I’ve had plenty to do (not that MORE isn’t totally WELCOME!).

Now that you’re back in the swing of things, and hopefully aren’t drowning in holiday emails and marketing stuff, please allow me to NOW welcome you to 2012 and wish you a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!




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