Oct 03 2012

READ For An Hour Each Day

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Are You Up To It?  Do you have that many books you want to read?

Mainly, I read books to get information.  This is the type of reading I like best.  Oh, I can go for a sci-fi series or a fiction best-seller every now and then, but my tastes very much lean to the non-fiction genre.  Earlier this past summer I stumbled onto my perfect reason to carve out even more time to read my favorite stuff.

Are you familiar with Brian Tracy?  The man has loads of videos on YouTube, free to the public of course, and a few thousand quotes floating around out there in the world.  A video caught my attention recently because of something embedded in the middle of his talk. About 5 minutes into this video about increasing your productivity, he talks about reading for one hour each day.  Read something positive, uplifting, or motivational to you.  It could be books in your field of endeavor, it could be spiritual material, it could be how-to or whatever will give you a boost.

Do this instead of reading the newspaper, magazines or watching television.  He suggests doing this reading first thing in the morning.  He calls it the “golden hour”.  The purpose for reading so much is pretty simple.  It’s to prepare your mind for the rest of the day.  You’ll feel great when you do this (And, it works.  I do it quite often now).  Interestingly, Brian also says that this is even better than a university education if you are selecting reading material in your field of endeavor because you are interested in material that is relevant to you right now.

If you will do this every day, you’ll read roughly 50 books in a year.  To get a doctorate degree, you’ll read between 35 to 50 books and combine them into a dissertation, but with this method of self-improvement, you’ll be ahead of the game because of the relevancy of the material.

Go watch the video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Pz03hNEVTE&feature=related

So in my own journey of reading an hour a day, I’ve taken in at least one book I’ve never gotten through before, despite owning it for at least a decade.  That one is Anthony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within.  I’ve also had the privilege of reading the classics Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill and The Magic of Thinking Big.  I’ve also read this year The Maverick Mindset, Try Giving Yourself Away, Highly Effective Networking, Wealth 101, Business Startup 101 from a local author, who I actually know…Chris Gattis, and at the time of this writing, I’m taking in Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections.  I’d like to eventually wind up with Gitomer’s whole set of “Little” books.

Now don’t laugh, some of these titles have been in my personal library for a number of years and I’ve foolishly let them gather dust.  Gitomer’s book is one of those.  I’ve a number of John Maxwell books in the same predicament (but they ARE on my list to take in very soon!).  Now I’ve listed all the books I’d like to read, and it appears I’ll actually get to them now…exciting!

Once I finish The Little Black Book of Connections, I’m going on to re-read A Whack On The Side Of The Head and then an audio engineering book and then in the lineup I have The Art of Voice Acting, which is also a re-read.

So what titles have you been itching to read?  I encourage you to dig them out and get busy reading every morning.  Don’t forget to watch this video first from Brian Tracy.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Pz03hNEVTE&feature=related The title of the video, in case you need it, is “Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula”

Enjoy every HOUR of your journey!


Oct 03 2012

Helpful Audiobook Offerings

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I’ve gotten behind in declaring to the world what I’ve been doing during this busy summer.

  • I’ve recently finished a book called Courage Goes To Work: How to Build Backbones, Boost Performance, and Get Results. By Bill Treasurer.  This book should be read by managers and employees alike.  It’s somewhat more geared toward managers, but it’s just too good to be ignored by other employees, because who knows, someday you may just choose management.
  • Another recent addition to my titles on Audible.com is Secrets of Self-Hypnosis by Dr. Bruce Goldberg.  This book offers valuable information regarding the practice of hypnosis and insists that true hypnosis is not what we see in movies and television.  No person can be hypnotized without his own permission.  Dr. Goldberg offers several scripts in this book that will help readers/listeners overcome phobias, eliminate bad habits and even reduce stress.  As a bonus (chuckle, chuckle), you can use the audiobook version with the Voice of Jay Webb putting you into a trance!
  • I’ve engineered Abuse of Discretion. This book comes from author Tammy Cravit and features a talented audiobook reader from San Diego named Suzanne Muir.

All of the above audiobooks are available on Audible.com, Amazon.com and iTunes.  You can search for narrator names or titles if you want to find them later.

On top of all the audiobooks, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few recordings for Flooring America, Haldeman Lincoln, Total Pond, Freedom Boat Club, ProShop for Photographers, AUfans.com (that’s Auburn University Fans…I produced the intro for their weekly show) and many others.  It’s been a pretty good summer.

There.  My flute has been tooted.  I say, if you can’t toot your own flute, who’s gonna do it?