Dec 27 2012

Time to reset!

Category: For Everyone**Voice Of Jay Webb** @ 2:02 pm

I can’t say I’m one to make what we traditionally call “New Year’s Resolutions”.  I mean, I have made them in the past, and I’ve even stuck to a few of them.  But now, I just prefer to make actual GOALS and stick to them by making them attainable with measurable results.  I have ways to reward myself when I meet certain goals too.

Being in business for myself, I have to set a number of business-related goals.  Some of those include amounts of money I need for my business to stay afloat.  I’ve had times where I didn’t reach goals like that and it was rather frightening and discouraging.  At that point, it’s either get back on the horse or go back to being an employee.  Know what I mean?  Every business needs to have goals and I’m no exception.  My goals for this coming year will focus on customer satisfaction, referral numbers, lead generation, skill sharpening and a few other topics in addition to the financial goals.

So for this new year that is coming up, I’m in the process of clearing out the old and bringing in the new…goals, thinking, attitudes, etc.  I’m excited about 2013 and when I finish “resetting” myself…(oh, oh, let’s call it “re-booting”, because sometimes you just NEED a kick in the pants, right?), I’m going to have a great 2013.  I intend to be very busy recording business audio books, helping businesses present a professional image of themselves in advertising, and tell great stories about great businesses.

I wish you the very best for 2013.

Please have a prosperous and happy NEW YEAR!