Sep 30 2012

Business Books To Audio Books

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Books about business are a valuable addition to anyone’s personal library.   The choices are certainly endless.  There are books written for sales, some are written for managers, some find audience in the general public, some are specifically for financial professionals, some get to the nitty gritty of networking, and some cater to the self improvement masses.  Whatever professional situation you are in right now, I’m sure there’s a book written just for you.

In addition to books, it seems business AUDIO books are extremely popular.  It’s no wonder, really.  The audiobook listener has plenty of options for taking in the latest title.  One can listen to business audiobooks in the car on the way to work, on the way home or even on a trip.  Some sales professionals use their car as an office during the day, thereby spending a lot of time there.  Audiobooks find their way to the gym, to the local coffee shop, to waiting rooms and pretty much any place people find a few minutes to plug in and listen.

If you are an author, you may be wondering how to get in on the action here.  I’d recommend talking to your publisher initially.  They very likely have access to agencies and production houses that can get the job done.  You may want to narrate the book yourself, and that’s how many business titles are produced.

What if you don’t have the time to produce your audiobook?  It is quite a time consuming venture, after all.  Unless you’re an unusually fluid reader who doesn’t make mistakes, a book that takes the average person 7 hours to read, suddenly balloons to a 21 hour endeavor, as starting and stopping for various reasons make your recording time 2-3 times longer.  That doesn’t include the time it takes to drive to the studio for each session (you won’t want to record for more than 4 hours at a time), and prep time once you’re there.  Your 7 hour book will likely find you investing around 30 hours (give or take) just to record.  An audio engineer will then process the audio, listening again for mistakes and noises, and create the final mastered files for your audiobook to send to your publisher.

What if you’re self published?  In that case, you could go to an audio production house to get it done.  My friend, Susan Berkley, the voice that says “Thank You for using AT&T” is the president of The Great Voice Company ( or  They specialize in recording for IVR phone systems plus all kinds of other projects and have many audiobooks they’ve produced. They are fantastic people and I highly recommend working with them.  It’s likely Susan would offer my voice to you for your audiobook, especially if you tell her I sent you, and she has access to loads of other talent as well.  Or you could just call me directly.  You knew I was going to get around to saying THAT didn’t you?

Narrating business audiobooks happens to be a specialty of mine.  I relish the opportunity to take an author’s thoughts on a subject, or cold, hard facts, and turn them into something that will engage the listener of your audiobook.   It just so happens I’m very skilled on the production end of this process as well, so you can get the whole thing done just by calling  ME!  Shameless self-promoter aren’t I?  Nah, I’m just trying to help.  That’s what I do!

If you still aren’t convinced that your book needs an audio version, consider this:  I’ve recorded several books for financial planner authors who wanted a product they could give away on CD while out on the speaking circuit.  That’s right.  Many folks need a product they can GIVE to potential customers, and an audiobook can sometimes speak directly TO those people.  In addition, the intro and ending credits of your audiobook can include contact information for you or whatever you’d like your prospect to know.  You can make it downloadable, along with your ebook version and you could make BOTH options available on your CDs too.  No problem.

So that’s the info I have on business audiobooks.  Hope this has been a decent read for you, and perhaps we can work together on an audiobook in the future.

Oct 18 2011

Consider yourself an honored guest here

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Thank you for your interest in this blog.  Everyone is welcome to read my consistently inconsistent posts regarding creativity, business tips, interesting links to follow, and whatever happens to come up.

Since we’re just starting out here, I’ll say that I expect this whole endeavor to be mostly geared toward people who consider themselves the creatives of the world, but trust me, that doesn’t exclude ANYONE really.  If you solve problems at home or at work and you have to “figure out” how to do it, you’re using creativity muscles  to solve  problems so you can join the club too.

So WELCOME to the Voice Of Jay Webblog.  I hope you find things engaging and at least mildly amusing.

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