Dec 27 2012

Time to reset!

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I can’t say I’m one to make what we traditionally call “New Year’s Resolutions”.  I mean, I have made them in the past, and I’ve even stuck to a few of them.  But now, I just prefer to make actual GOALS and stick to them by making them attainable with measurable results.  I have ways to reward myself when I meet certain goals too.

Being in business for myself, I have to set a number of business-related goals.  Some of those include amounts of money I need for my business to stay afloat.  I’ve had times where I didn’t reach goals like that and it was rather frightening and discouraging.  At that point, it’s either get back on the horse or go back to being an employee.  Know what I mean?  Every business needs to have goals and I’m no exception.  My goals for this coming year will focus on customer satisfaction, referral numbers, lead generation, skill sharpening and a few other topics in addition to the financial goals.

So for this new year that is coming up, I’m in the process of clearing out the old and bringing in the new…goals, thinking, attitudes, etc.  I’m excited about 2013 and when I finish “resetting” myself…(oh, oh, let’s call it “re-booting”, because sometimes you just NEED a kick in the pants, right?), I’m going to have a great 2013.  I intend to be very busy recording business audio books, helping businesses present a professional image of themselves in advertising, and tell great stories about great businesses.

I wish you the very best for 2013.

Please have a prosperous and happy NEW YEAR!

Oct 03 2012

READ For An Hour Each Day

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Are You Up To It?  Do you have that many books you want to read?

Mainly, I read books to get information.  This is the type of reading I like best.  Oh, I can go for a sci-fi series or a fiction best-seller every now and then, but my tastes very much lean to the non-fiction genre.  Earlier this past summer I stumbled onto my perfect reason to carve out even more time to read my favorite stuff.

Are you familiar with Brian Tracy?  The man has loads of videos on YouTube, free to the public of course, and a few thousand quotes floating around out there in the world.  A video caught my attention recently because of something embedded in the middle of his talk. About 5 minutes into this video about increasing your productivity, he talks about reading for one hour each day.  Read something positive, uplifting, or motivational to you.  It could be books in your field of endeavor, it could be spiritual material, it could be how-to or whatever will give you a boost.

Do this instead of reading the newspaper, magazines or watching television.  He suggests doing this reading first thing in the morning.  He calls it the “golden hour”.  The purpose for reading so much is pretty simple.  It’s to prepare your mind for the rest of the day.  You’ll feel great when you do this (And, it works.  I do it quite often now).  Interestingly, Brian also says that this is even better than a university education if you are selecting reading material in your field of endeavor because you are interested in material that is relevant to you right now.

If you will do this every day, you’ll read roughly 50 books in a year.  To get a doctorate degree, you’ll read between 35 to 50 books and combine them into a dissertation, but with this method of self-improvement, you’ll be ahead of the game because of the relevancy of the material.

Go watch the video…

So in my own journey of reading an hour a day, I’ve taken in at least one book I’ve never gotten through before, despite owning it for at least a decade.  That one is Anthony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within.  I’ve also had the privilege of reading the classics Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill and The Magic of Thinking Big.  I’ve also read this year The Maverick Mindset, Try Giving Yourself Away, Highly Effective Networking, Wealth 101, Business Startup 101 from a local author, who I actually know…Chris Gattis, and at the time of this writing, I’m taking in Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections.  I’d like to eventually wind up with Gitomer’s whole set of “Little” books.

Now don’t laugh, some of these titles have been in my personal library for a number of years and I’ve foolishly let them gather dust.  Gitomer’s book is one of those.  I’ve a number of John Maxwell books in the same predicament (but they ARE on my list to take in very soon!).  Now I’ve listed all the books I’d like to read, and it appears I’ll actually get to them now…exciting!

Once I finish The Little Black Book of Connections, I’m going on to re-read A Whack On The Side Of The Head and then an audio engineering book and then in the lineup I have The Art of Voice Acting, which is also a re-read.

So what titles have you been itching to read?  I encourage you to dig them out and get busy reading every morning.  Don’t forget to watch this video first from Brian Tracy. The title of the video, in case you need it, is “Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula”

Enjoy every HOUR of your journey!


Oct 03 2012

Helpful Audiobook Offerings

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I’ve gotten behind in declaring to the world what I’ve been doing during this busy summer.

  • I’ve recently finished a book called Courage Goes To Work: How to Build Backbones, Boost Performance, and Get Results. By Bill Treasurer.  This book should be read by managers and employees alike.  It’s somewhat more geared toward managers, but it’s just too good to be ignored by other employees, because who knows, someday you may just choose management.
  • Another recent addition to my titles on is Secrets of Self-Hypnosis by Dr. Bruce Goldberg.  This book offers valuable information regarding the practice of hypnosis and insists that true hypnosis is not what we see in movies and television.  No person can be hypnotized without his own permission.  Dr. Goldberg offers several scripts in this book that will help readers/listeners overcome phobias, eliminate bad habits and even reduce stress.  As a bonus (chuckle, chuckle), you can use the audiobook version with the Voice of Jay Webb putting you into a trance!
  • I’ve engineered Abuse of Discretion. This book comes from author Tammy Cravit and features a talented audiobook reader from San Diego named Suzanne Muir.

All of the above audiobooks are available on, and iTunes.  You can search for narrator names or titles if you want to find them later.

On top of all the audiobooks, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few recordings for Flooring America, Haldeman Lincoln, Total Pond, Freedom Boat Club, ProShop for Photographers, (that’s Auburn University Fans…I produced the intro for their weekly show) and many others.  It’s been a pretty good summer.

There.  My flute has been tooted.  I say, if you can’t toot your own flute, who’s gonna do it?

Sep 30 2012

Business Books To Audio Books

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Books about business are a valuable addition to anyone’s personal library.   The choices are certainly endless.  There are books written for sales, some are written for managers, some find audience in the general public, some are specifically for financial professionals, some get to the nitty gritty of networking, and some cater to the self improvement masses.  Whatever professional situation you are in right now, I’m sure there’s a book written just for you.

In addition to books, it seems business AUDIO books are extremely popular.  It’s no wonder, really.  The audiobook listener has plenty of options for taking in the latest title.  One can listen to business audiobooks in the car on the way to work, on the way home or even on a trip.  Some sales professionals use their car as an office during the day, thereby spending a lot of time there.  Audiobooks find their way to the gym, to the local coffee shop, to waiting rooms and pretty much any place people find a few minutes to plug in and listen.

If you are an author, you may be wondering how to get in on the action here.  I’d recommend talking to your publisher initially.  They very likely have access to agencies and production houses that can get the job done.  You may want to narrate the book yourself, and that’s how many business titles are produced.

What if you don’t have the time to produce your audiobook?  It is quite a time consuming venture, after all.  Unless you’re an unusually fluid reader who doesn’t make mistakes, a book that takes the average person 7 hours to read, suddenly balloons to a 21 hour endeavor, as starting and stopping for various reasons make your recording time 2-3 times longer.  That doesn’t include the time it takes to drive to the studio for each session (you won’t want to record for more than 4 hours at a time), and prep time once you’re there.  Your 7 hour book will likely find you investing around 30 hours (give or take) just to record.  An audio engineer will then process the audio, listening again for mistakes and noises, and create the final mastered files for your audiobook to send to your publisher.

What if you’re self published?  In that case, you could go to an audio production house to get it done.  My friend, Susan Berkley, the voice that says “Thank You for using AT&T” is the president of The Great Voice Company ( or  They specialize in recording for IVR phone systems plus all kinds of other projects and have many audiobooks they’ve produced. They are fantastic people and I highly recommend working with them.  It’s likely Susan would offer my voice to you for your audiobook, especially if you tell her I sent you, and she has access to loads of other talent as well.  Or you could just call me directly.  You knew I was going to get around to saying THAT didn’t you?

Narrating business audiobooks happens to be a specialty of mine.  I relish the opportunity to take an author’s thoughts on a subject, or cold, hard facts, and turn them into something that will engage the listener of your audiobook.   It just so happens I’m very skilled on the production end of this process as well, so you can get the whole thing done just by calling  ME!  Shameless self-promoter aren’t I?  Nah, I’m just trying to help.  That’s what I do!

If you still aren’t convinced that your book needs an audio version, consider this:  I’ve recorded several books for financial planner authors who wanted a product they could give away on CD while out on the speaking circuit.  That’s right.  Many folks need a product they can GIVE to potential customers, and an audiobook can sometimes speak directly TO those people.  In addition, the intro and ending credits of your audiobook can include contact information for you or whatever you’d like your prospect to know.  You can make it downloadable, along with your ebook version and you could make BOTH options available on your CDs too.  No problem.

So that’s the info I have on business audiobooks.  Hope this has been a decent read for you, and perhaps we can work together on an audiobook in the future.

Jan 10 2012

Laying Low

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I feel like I just woke up today.  Yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving with families, I took a nap and next thing I know, it’s all over but the resolutions!  What happened?  I’ll never understand why holiday time goes so quickly.

I’ve done my best to lay low over the holiday season, and I realize I’m different from most business people.  Most are trying to establish contact with clients and prospects through the holiday season (buy our stuff) and wish everyone well (buy alot of our stuff) and send along wishes for the new year (buy ALL of our stuff this year).  I wanted to be just the opposite and NOT be in anyone’s face during the holiday time.  Maybe that’s a mistaken way to look at things, but it’s what I decided to do this year.  My clients heard from me at Thanksgiving and that’s the last they’ve heard.  In straight talk, I was inundated with TONS of marketing messages right around the holidays, and frankly it was a little bothersome.  EVERY newsletter, retail outlet, specialty store, blog or whatever that I come in contact with electronically was blowing out holiday marketing messages and most of them did it twice a week.  I know, it happens every year, but it was especially noticeable this year for some reason.   I decided to refrain.

For anyone who might have found it a real downer to NOT hear from me, you have my apologies.  And I hope I did at least a little bit toward reducing email clutter for the remainder of you.  When it comes to email clutter, I suppose I’ve done it to myself by ordering things online and allowing companies to send their reminders and newsletters, but hey, I have a newsletter myself and it would be hypocritical to not allow anyone’s newsletter into my own inbox.  Most of the time I enjoy them and have no problem whatsoever.  It’s just that it mulitiplies by 3 or 4 during holiday times.  I suppose that’s so everyone can have a chance to get their slice of the holiday shopping pie.

Now I must tell you, I wasn’t sitting at home twiddling my thumbs either.  I’ve been hard at work on the work I do other than a blog and newsletter…namely voiceovers and narrations.  I’ve had three, yes THREE, audiobooks to work on all at the same time.  Two of them had similar due dates and another is due soon in January.  At least I have a little breathing room since the deadline for the first two has passed.  Other voiceover work has trickled in too, so I’ve had plenty to do (not that MORE isn’t totally WELCOME!).

Now that you’re back in the swing of things, and hopefully aren’t drowning in holiday emails and marketing stuff, please allow me to NOW welcome you to 2012 and wish you a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!


Nov 01 2011

Changing: Ahead of the Curve

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I got lucky, I suppose.

I shouldn’t say that I saw it coming, but I certainly could say that.


My former place of employment, just since I’ve left, which was almost 2 years ago has laid off more than half of the people that were there.  Now, we’re only talking about a handful of people, but still…these are my friends.  These are people I’ve known for a long time and we’ve developed relationships.  I care about them and what happens to them.

So change happens.  I talked with one of my friends a few days ago and we agreed, deep change has swept over that company.  We had a good 10 year run there that was just fantastic.  But as the company got larger and larger, thanks to us, and more corporate-centered (which means LESS customer and employee centered, in this case) it became more and more difficult to go there and get the work done and actually BE happy with the contributions we were making.  It had ceased to be a rewarding career and I was pretty much ready to jump ship when the opportunity presented itself.   The “opportunity” was a position termination with a probable hope to be re-hired in a different position.  I’m sure there’s some corporatey-sounding word for that, but it escapes me.

Change was good in this instance.  Sometimes change is bad, but this time, it was good…for me.  You have to look at change as a two sided coin.  It’s good for some, bad for some, meaning that a change that is horrible for you might be just exactly what was needed in the situation for the other party.  What we’d all like to believe is that the company that gets rid of us is evil and change will be bad for them!  Well, sometimes it is.  Sometimes it’s not.  They have the bottom line to answer to and that is usually a company’s motivation.  We just have to realize that and try not to take it personally.  They are trying to grow their business and put together an efficient engine to get the thing where they want it to go.  Some of us are just extra parts and the mechanic doesn’t see the need for us on that particular engine.  Makes sense I guess.

If I actually HAVE a point, it’s this: change is going to happen.  It’s most definitely part of life and we should all expect it.  I won’t suggest that you embrace all change, because sometimes you have to stand up for your cause and fight the changes.  I’m just saying expect it, because it will come, whether you like it or not.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared for changes?   Yeah, that would be great.  It would be great if all change was great for everyone, and now I’m just dreaming!

I guess, by no brilliance of my own, I was a little bit ahead of the curve and I made changes before changes forced me into something I didn’t want.  That’s how I’ve become a full time, working voice actor.  It was time to fully follow the dream and go for the career I’d been anticipating for many, many years.  So it really was good for me.

I’m joking, but I like to say “Change is good, but I like bills much better”.


Oct 25 2011

The very first Apple, Inc. TV Ad

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Have you seen this ad before?

\’1984\’ Apple Macintosh Commercial (Full advert, Hi-Quality)

The story, as I understand it, is that this commercial had been created in 1983, and was intended to run during the bowl games on January 1, 1984.   It didn’t happen that way and was reserved to be aired Jan 22 during the Superbowl, but then didn’t pass approval from Apple’s higher-ups (not including Steve Jobs…he very much approved). The network was told to go ahead and sell the airtime to someone else.  Well, at the last minute, some other company ditched and a spot was open.  The network called Apple one more time and offered the space at a $200,000 discount (down from the $900,000 original price).  Apple took the one remaining 60 second slot, knowing the board didn’t approve, and made advertising history.  They insisted it would not ever run again, which started a huge nationwide buzz and soon everyone knew about the spot and wanted to see it.  To my knowledge, it never aired again (at least not in the fashion of traditional TV advertising where a company actually PAYS for the ad to run rather than getting free publicity from all the news networks who were more than willing to show it multiple times), but of course, in this day and age it’s readily available.

The ad is fashioned precisely after George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four first published in 1949.  You just have to see it rather than have me explain anything!  And of course, since I’ve never actually read the novel, I now have it in my possession thanks to the local public library.

Also, you might as well pick up a copy of Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes sometime.  It has a much more detailed explanation of Apple’s ad strategy, or maybe lack of one, with regard to the aptly named ad, “1984″, introducing the new MacIntosh computer.

Oh, I get it now since I’ve read the first part of the novel…”down with Big Brother”.  Forgive my ignorance!

Oct 18 2011

Consider yourself an honored guest here

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Thank you for your interest in this blog.  Everyone is welcome to read my consistently inconsistent posts regarding creativity, business tips, interesting links to follow, and whatever happens to come up.

Since we’re just starting out here, I’ll say that I expect this whole endeavor to be mostly geared toward people who consider themselves the creatives of the world, but trust me, that doesn’t exclude ANYONE really.  If you solve problems at home or at work and you have to “figure out” how to do it, you’re using creativity muscles  to solve  problems so you can join the club too.

So WELCOME to the Voice Of Jay Webblog.  I hope you find things engaging and at least mildly amusing.

Then and Now

Never take yourself too seriously.


Oct 14 2011

Be Better, Do Gooder

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Getting better at what you do is important.  In my opinion, getting better as a whole person is part of maturity and responsibility.  Basically, my thought is that if you aren’t moving forward and getting better at what you do and who you are, then you’re standing still.   That’s a good way to stagnate.  If you get into ruts and bad habits in your work then your personality and who you are will begin to diminish and the next thing you know, you are doing no one any good…especially self.  You’ll begin to implode with self-centeredness.  It ain’t pretty.

There’s a well-known Latin phrase:  Qui cessat esse melior.  Cessat esse bonus.

It means  “He who ceases to be better, ceases to be good.”

In the world of voice acting, we look to the examples of great golfers, musicians, screen actors, race car drivers, basketball players, football players, hockey players, boxers, etc. to see that getting better at what we do includes not only doing voice acting, but practicing it too. When we’re not doing real jobs, we’re practicing. It keeps us strong and makes us better!  Maybe that’s why doctors “practice”  …(long pause)…ahem, okay, maybe not.

I’d suggest you put this to use in your own life.  Don’t stagnate.  Don’t stand still and let life pass you by.  Find an opportunity today to better yourself!